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  • Purchasing a new SSL certificate does not get any effortless than this. You just purchase it from your Site Control Panel and it will be ready for you in seconds. You don’t have to check out a differing firm used just for an SSL and no more being made to wait around for days and nights to get it made.

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Install

  • We have efficiently reduced the demand for by hand setting up any kind of SSL Services for one’s sites. If your domain name is hosted in an account with www.mischar.net, you can have the new SSL certificate conveniently installed and set up to be able to work, without the need for any kind of manual configurations on your end.

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  • Our company offers 24x7 support with all of our web hosting services. Our assistance experienced technicians possess lots of knowledge working on SSL Services and they’re able to support you with any difficulty that you may come across. They have got a regular answer time frame of well under 20 mins!

SSL Prices

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SSL 1 year
Regular SSL $19.00
Wildcard SSL $109.00

SSL Services with www.mischar.net

If you would like to rapidly get an SSL certificate for your web site, in that case you are at the right place. From www.mischar.net, you can obtain your new SSL certificate directly from your hosting control panel, never having to go to a third–party website. If your main site is hosted in the same account, you could also get your SSL certificate installed immediately. Not any hands–on installation or configuration are needed from you.

There’s a well–established cooperation with many from the main SSL Certificate vendors out there in order to present you with SSL Services that aren’t merely not difficult to install, but also truly protected. Each of our SSL Services provides a real 2048–bit encryption and, furthermore offers a $10 000 USD guarantee.

Further than the standard SSL Services, at www.mischar.net we also supply Wildcard SSL Services. They are genuinely functional if you need to secure a variety of host names at once. Working with a Wildcard SSL certificate, you are able to secure multiple hostnames, not having to find an independent certificate for every single of them.

You can purchase an SSL certificate anytime with all the web hosting services we offer – shared web hosting, VPS servers, semi-dedicated servers, and dedicated servers.

Whois Privacy Protection

Don’t be concerned regarding your online information

The WHOIS info pertaining to your domain name will become publicly visible to everyone after the registration process itself. You can escape that by ordering an Whois Privacy Protection service for your domain. With it, your own personal or corporate details, including your name, email and street address, will be replaced with fictional details. To enable Whois Privacy Protection for your domain name, just pick the domain and click on the Whois Privacy Protection button to request the activation of this service.

This given service is available with most of the universal and country–specific TLD extensions that we offer. Have a look at the TLD information page on our web site to learn which domain name extensions are Whois Privacy Protection–eligible.

Whois Privacy Protection

Domain Locking

Theft–proof your domain names

With www.mischar.net, you can easily prevent your domain name from being transferred away without your consent by "locking" it at your present domain registrar. This will not affect the way the domain works in any way whatsoever, but will instantly block all domain transfer requests.

And in case you want to to transfer your domain, you can easily unlock it. Locking/Unlocking a domain name is quite easy and demands only one single mouse click.

Domain Locking

Wildcard Domains

Create a wildcard domain name with merely a mouse click

With the aid of the Wildcard DNS functionality, you will be able to make all your subdomains open the main page of your website. For example, when someone types in smth.domain.com or any.domain.com, they will be redirected to http://domain.com/.

You might need the Wildcard DNS functionality for a multisite app such as Joomla Multi–Site or WordPress.

To add a wildcard domain name, proceed to the Domain Manager section of your Control Panel and then hit the Add Host button on the right. At the bottom of the options list, you’ll see the Wildcard Domain check box.

Wildcard Domains

Bulk Domain Registration Options

Speedily register numerous domains

Registering a number of domains at once can be a difficult mission. For this reason, www.mischar.net offers a bulk domain registration tool incorporated into our web hosting Control Panel. It allows you to quickly register lots of domain names simultaneously.

You’ll be able to activate Whois Privacy Protection, to change your WHOIS info, to decide whether to host the domain name in question under your hosting account or not.

Bulk Domain Registration Options

DNS Record Management

Gain extensive control of your DNS settings

With the Domain Manager, you will exercise total control over your domain’s DNS resource records. You will be able to effortlessly update a variety of DNS records, among them A, AAAA, MX, NS, etc. records. Setting new DNS records is amazingly easy. And in the event that you need to convert a DNS entry to its previous value, you can accomplish that with just a single click.

Through our Domain Manager, you will be able to also forward your visitors to different parts of your web site in accordance with their location.

DNS Record Management

Easy WHOIS Management

WHOIS managing made straightforward

The WHOIS information for your domain contains your official contact details and it needs to be kept up to date constantly. If your e–mail changes, or if you desire to transfer the ownership rights over your domain name to somebody else, you will have to modify your current WHOIS info instantaneously.

With the point–and–click Domain Manager, you’ll be able to easily edit the WHOIS information for one or multiple domain names at once! All the modifications that you make will be reflected live right away! Please do not forget that not all domain name extensions support this option, so first see on our web site if this feature is offered for the domain name that you desire to update.

Easy WHOIS Management
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